A call for session topics and organizers

We are requesting proposals for special sessions or session topics to be covered at the meetings. We are hoping to emphasize topics that focus on broad, emerging questions and generalities that cut across methodologies, taxonomic groups, and habitats, but all suggestions will be considered by the planning committee (listed below).

To propose a session, provide the following:

  1. A title
  2. One paragraph of text explaining the rationale and importance of the topic
  3. A session chair, or co-chairs (having co-chairs that represent different systems, habitats, etc. is desirable). Are you willing to serve? If not, can you suggest someone
  4. A list of 5-10 possible speakers (speakers need not have been approached or agreed to speak yet, we just need to know that filling a session with exciting speakers is possible on that topic).
  5. Email this to mark.hay@biosci.gatech.edu AND julia.kubanek@biosci.gatech.edu by October 27, 2018. These will be evaluated by the organizing committee and the selected topics announced by 1 December 2018.

As a guide for some possibilities, the topics below were suggested informally by participants at the 2018 meeting in Budapest. If one of these appeals to you, feel free to propose it formally.

  • Chemical ecology as the language of microbiomes
  • Anthropogenic impacts on chemical cues and signals
  • Impacts of global change on chemical ecology
  • Community-level impacts of chemically mediated interactions
  • The chemistry of fear
  • Among-species communication (mutualisms, antagonisms, deception)
  • Complex interactions (predators, competitors and pathogens as mutualists)
  • Habitat, host, and mate selection
  • Applied chemical ecology (agriculture, pest control…)
  • Many others are possibilities